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Meditation isn’t about sitting on a cushion for 20-minutes, it’s about changing how you feel inside throughout the day, everyday!

We as mothers and women are expected to know how to “balance” all aspects of our lives.

The stress of managing the needs and wants of the ones we love, coupled with growing societal demands, leaves us feeling exhausted, stretched, and guilty as mothers; not to mentioned anxious, overwhelmed, and self-critical as women. In the process of “balancing” everything, we risk losing ourselves. Without a true connection to who we are and the choices we make, our daily lives can become just a string of tasks.


Reconnecting back to your authentic self by quieting your mind and being present in your body empowers an inner peace and ease that extends out into your daily life. By merging the calming effects of sound with guided meditation, it is no longer necessary to “clear your mind of all thoughts” in order to reap the benefits of a meditation practice.

Kalini Wave’s vision is to build a community for mothers and women to grow and develop in the safety of an environment of like-minded souls. With guidance and support from daily or weekly meditations, individual sessions and an authentic connection with other women who are honest, compassionate, and courageous, we can help ignite the strength and insight within each of us.

Teri, Houston TX

Biofield Tuning sessions with Michelle have changed my life. I am happier, more empowered, and much more emotionally intelligent. Michelle’s intuitive abilities are amazing, and she will gently nudge you in the right direction while making you feel safe and supported. Highly recommend!

Evie, Houston TX

Very effective! We did a distant treatment for my baby who just had surgery, and within minutes my daughter was calm and napped peacefully for the first time since the surgery. Michelle has kept up with us and genuinely cares about her clients. I highly recommend!

Marc, New York City NY

With Michelle’s guidance through distant Biofield Tuning sessions, I was able to recognize an area of my life that—up to that moment—was blocked. This revelation helped me see the necessary changes I needed to make.

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