Having struggled in life with being a single mom, working full-time and navigating the challenges and pressures of parenthood, society and my own expectations, I have empathy and compassion for the struggles of others. I created Kalini Wave because I am passionate about helping people find an inner calm amongst the barrage of external noise. Cultivating a greater sense of space within has helped me not only deal with and overcome my own challenges in life, but to more easily navigate and find joy in the world around me.


With Kalini Wave, I have merged the calming and meditative effects of Sound, with refocusing and rebuilding thoughts and emotions, while expanding empathy and gratitude. These tools help grow an inner calm, bringing to light a greater awareness of one's self. Allowing time and space to tune into and reconnect with yourself, can create a shift in perspective in dealing with long-term struggles.

This inner calm and awareness enables you to listen to yourself: to know who you truly are, how you truly feel, why you truly act the way you do, what you truly want, and what makes you truly happy. Complete honesty with yourself isn't easy, but it can be transformative. Rewriting old beliefs, taking ownership for yourself, knowing where you are and where you want to go, allows you to be the creator of your own story.

  • Instead of Stress at Work...You Think Clearer Under Pressure

  • Instead of Parenting Challenges...You Understand the Source of Your Child's Behavior

  • Instead of Feeling Overwhelmed...You Solve One Problem at a Time

  • Instead of Feeling Stuck or Unsatisfied...You Know What You Want & Where to Go

  • Instead of Feeling Dis-empowered...You Take Ownership & Grow Through Challenges

  • Instead of Avoiding Problems with Distractions...You Focus on What Really Matters

  • Instead of Negative Internal Dialogue...You Pursue Personal Growth & Development

  • Instead of Reacting from a Reflex...You Remain Present in Each Situation

  • Instead of Being Guided by Fears...You Align Yourself with Your Goals & Dreams

  • Instead of Relationship Issues...You Foster Compassion for the Struggles of Others

Inner calm and awareness can produce lasting physical benefits.

  • Mental & Physical Relaxation

  • Increased Focus

  • Diminished Anxiety

  • Reduced Blood Pressure

  • Lessened Chronic Pain & Tension

  • Decreased Insomnia & Fatigue

Teri, Houston TX

Biofield Tuning sessions with Michelle have changed my life. I am happier, more empowered, and much more emotionally intelligent. Michelle’s intuitive abilities are amazing, and she will gently nudge you in the right direction while making you feel safe and supported. Highly recommend!

Evie, Houston TX

Very effective! We did a distant treatment for my baby who just had surgery, and within minutes my daughter was calm and napped peacefully for the first time since the surgery. Michelle has kept up with us and genuinely cares about her clients. I highly recommend!

Marc, New York City NY

With Michelle’s guidance through distant Biofield Tuning sessions, I was able to recognize an area of my life that—up to that moment—was blocked. This revelation helped me see the necessary changes I needed to make.

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