About Me

I had a profound experience with crystal singing bowls years ago that fueled my desire to learn as much as I could about the impact sound has not only on the physical body, but on the mental & emotional bodies as well. I was introduced to crystal singing bowls and studied with Circle of Sound founder Daniel Brower, who has been playing, sharing and spreading his knowledge and love of crystal singing bowls for over 20 years worldwide.

Shortly after meeting Daniel, I was introduced to Reiki and studied with Melanie Harrell, who has been a Reiki Master since 2001. 

Continuing my research in sound and looking for more scientific based literature, I came across Eileen Day McKusick’s book “Tuning the Human Biofield”.  Eileen is a pioneering researcher who has spent the last 22 years exploring and mapping the human biofield. I studied with her and her team and became a certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner.

Exploring the effects of drumming on the body, mind and spirit, I recently finished a Shamanic Apprentice Program with Ann Adam who grew up in the world of shamans. Ann has been practicing shamanism for over 30 years, having studied at the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and with shamans in Peru.

I believe that one day we will remember that our bodies are smarter than we realize and that given the right environment, they can heal themselves. Through this research, my goal is to discover the best way to help you de-stress, decompress and revitalize your health and well-being.

I look forward to meeting you!

-Michelle Corder