In light of the current Coronavirus situation, I am offering Distant Biofield Tuning Sessions that combat stress, anxiety, and depression for $60 instead of $90. This is a scary time, but together as a community we can handle it with love, empathy and connection even while distancing ourselves physically.

Kalini Wave provides a calm space and a variety of services to help your body and mind relax. More detailed information is provided when you select the name of each service. Evening appointments and in-home sessions are available on an individual basis. Please contact me if you are interested in scheduling an appointment for either.

Our Services

"Michelle did multiple sessions on me using different techniques. I have had life long emotional / food related issues that now no longer affect me. I was also suffering from light hypothyroidism and after two sessions it was gone. I’m feeling much more serene and grounded in all aspects of my life. I’m very thankful that our paths crossed."


Houston, Texas, USA

"My 5 years old daughter Chloé received 2 distant Biofield Tuning sessions. Michelle felt that Chloé was holding on to things in her heart and was afraid to voice them. My daughter is actually extremely sensitive and very secretive. The second time Michelle worked on her was in the evening. That evening Chloé came to our bedroom saying she could not sleep and would like to cuddle with me. This hadn't happen for over a year. She laid in the bed and started talking about troubles she was having at school (another student bullying her) and nightmares she was having for a long time which she had not told us about. Then she went back to bed. The next morning she told me she didn’t have any nightmares that night. Since then it seems that she opens up much more easily and regularly. I can see a more serene and open daughter since then." 


Houston, Texas, USA

"With Michelle’s guidance through distant Biofield Tuning sessions, I was able to recognize an area of my life that—up to that moment—was blocked. This revelation helped me see the necessary changes I needed to make.”


New York City, New York, USA

"My experience at Kalini Wave was absolutely wonderful! I had a session of Reiki with Michelle that, for me, was a spiritual as well as healing experience. She was also expertly trained on the singing bowls which proved to be very calming. I have returned to Michelle for several sessions and have been very happy with each one. I highly recommend Michelle and will continue with my treatments."


Humble, Texas, USA

"My long distance Biofield Tuning sessions with Michelle were wonderful! She was able to pinpoint traumas in my electrical field so my energy isn't stuck. It's free flowing, making me feel better, more confident, lighter with more energy! I love Biofield Tuning - a noninvasive means to better health for sure!"


White Bird, Idaho, USA

"Je remercie chaleureusement Michelle qui m'a permis à distance d'affronter en toute sérénité mon opération de hernie cervicale le 6 novembre 2018. L'opération, en elle même s'est très bien passée ainsi que ma convalescence. Je suis consciente que je lui dois beaucoup. Encore merci."


"I want to warmly thank Michelle who has, through distant sessions, enabled me to go into my neck hernia surgery in a relaxed way. Both the surgery and my recovery went extremely well and I feel that Michelle’s sessions helped a lot."


Perpignan, France

"What can I say, Michelle is amazing. I first went to Kalini Wave because I was going to have bladder suspension surgery. I had Reiki sessions every day for a few weeks. The surgery went so smoothly. I recovered quickly, never used any pain pills and did not have any of the after effects they tell you about. I attribute that to the Reiki. In my first week of Reiki, my body must have been so out of line, that during the sessions I had some very powerful stimulations down my body. Michelle also played the singing bowls before each session. I love them! They are so relaxing. My body automatically goes limp every time she starts to play now. I have tried almost all of her treatments. I had a very powerful session with the Tuning Forks. During my session, she hit upon an incident when I was 6 years old that has, unbeknownst to me, effected me forever. While she was trying to “clear” this, I relived it and sobbed my heart out. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that it had had such an impact on me. But now I feel like a big weight has been lifted off me. Michelle continually says she is not a healer, but I feel differently. I most definitely recommend Kalini Wave."


Humble, Texas, USA

"Michelle performed several distance Biofield Tuning sessions on me.  She is a very intuitive and sensitive practitioner. She easily intertwines her other gifts (shamanic skills, etc.) with Biofield Tunings to create a beautifully safe environment for healing. I was amazed at how her tunings resonated in my life and gave me such peace. Totally love her grounding techniques. Happy customer."


Moultonborough, New Hampshire, USA


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Houston, Texas