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Frequently Asked Questions

Individual Sessions

What should I wear to an individual session?

Please wear comfortable clothing as you will be resting on a massage table with a blanket, pillow and bolster for under your knees if you prefer. If your feet tend to get cold, wear or bring socks to the session.

What can I expect during an individual session?

During an individual session you will be resting comfortably on a massage table with a blanket, pillow and bolster for under your knees if you prefer. We will take a few minutes prior to the session to discuss any questions or concerns you might have. We will also take few minutes after the session to talk about how you are feeling and any additional questions that may have come up. Depending on the type of session you will either be relaxing quietly (Reiki & Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation, Shamanic Drumming Meditation) or engaging in dialogue, breathing, affirmations and visualizations (Biofield Tuning). It is a safe space, so please feel free to relax and let go.

Can I bring someone else with me to the session?

Individual sessions are for one person only. There are cafes, restaurants and shops two blocks away if someone is coming with you and would like to relax with a coffee or grab lunch. I do offer private sessions for small groups (2-4 people) for Crystal Singing Bowl Meditations. This needs to be arranged in advance as the room set up will be different. Each person will rest comfortably on a 4" memory foam mattress with pillows and blankets.

Can I schedule an In-Home individual session?

Yes, individual sessions can be arranged at your home. There is a $45 travel fee for all local In-Home sessions. Travel outside of the 610 loop in Houston will incur additional travel fees. For individual In-Home sessions I will bring a massage table, but I will not provide additional accessories like blankets, pillows, etc.

Group Sessions

What can I expect during a live online group session?

Live online group sessions are enjoyed over Zoom. A link will be sent to you prior to the group session. Please log-in 5-minutes early to get set-up and ready for the session. Online group sessions are an hour long. The first 30-minutes will be a guided crystal singing bowl meditation followed by 30-minutes of chatting and connecting with the other women in the goup session. You are free to drink a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of wine during the community connection section of the group session. Please feel free to only join for the first 30-minutes if you are limited on time.

What do I need to do to prepare for an online group session?

A Zoom link will be sent to you prior to the group session. Please sign-in 5-minutes prior to the session. It is ideal to be in a comfortable reclined position, but if not possible, sitting comfortably in a chair is also fine. The idea is to be able to completely relax. It is a good idea to be in a quiet space where no one will distrub you, but all participants will be muted the first 30-minutes of the group session in case your attention is required elsewhere (which is the case at times with motherhood). If possible, please wear comfortable clothing and headphones as needed.

Can I schedule a private In-Person group session?

Yes, private in-person group sessions are available for 2-4 people. Only Crystal Singing Bowl Meditations are availble for group sessions and will be the same price for the group as the individual sessions (30-minute group session is $55 for the group and 1-hour group session is $90 for the group). Please note that the space is cozy and can not accomodate more than 4 people.

Can I schedule an In-Home group session?

Yes, group sessions can be arranged at your home or another local you organize. Only Crystal Sining Bowl Meditations are available for group sessions. There is no limit to the number of people for In-Home group sessions. I am happy to play for whatever number of people your space can accommodate. There is a $45 travel fee for all local In-Home sessions. Travel outside of the 610 loop in Houston will incur additional travel fees. For group In-Home session I will not provide additional accessories like blankets, pillows, mattresses, etc.

Crystal Singing Bowls

What are crystal singing bowls?

A singing bowl is a standing or resting bell. Crystal singing bowls are made of quartz crystals that are crushed and heated at very high temperatures. Because our bodies are also composed of a crystalline structure (mineral crystals), using Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls for healing and meditation allows us to respond more quickly & favorably to the sound. A Pre-Buddhist shamanic group in Tibet, known as the Bon-Po, was believed to be the originators of singing bowls using them in ceremonies, for healing and for private meditation. Today they are used to relax and calm the body and mind.

What are crystal singing bowls used for?

Many experiments done by neurologists show conclusive evidence that brain waves change when listening to singing bowls. Your brain shifts from a Beta to Alpha brain wave state, which promotes relaxation, visualization, creativity and meditation. They can be used to start or deepen a meditation pratice. It is recommended for anxiety, stress, insomnia. The sounds from the crystal singing bowls can relax the nervous system and raise the body's vibration and mood. It leaves you feeling mentally and physically rested.

How do you play a crystal singing bowl?

Place the bowl on a rubber O-Ring (included with each bowl) or hold it in the palm of your hand with fingers outstretched. Hold the mallet (included with each bowl) like a pencil. Hold it firmly, but with a relaxed hand and wrist. You can: 1. Strike the bowl gently hitting it with the mallet at the top outside edge. 2. Stroke the bowl holding the mallet against the outside rim of the bowl. Slowly run the mallet around the outer rim of the bowl with constant even pressure. 3. Strike the bowl and then stroke the bowl. This produces a sound faster than just stroking the bowl. Gently hit the bowl with the mallet at the top outside rim and then slowly run the mallet around the outer rim of the bowl.

How do I choose a crystal singing bowl?

When you are ready to purchase a crystal singing bowl there are a few things you have to consider: 1. Will you be transporting your bowl or will it be in one place? There are a range of sizes. If you are transporting your bowl it is a good idea to purchase smaller bowls (8"-10"). If you are keeping your bowl in one place then any size bowl will work. 2. Do you want a higher or lower tone? Smaller bowls of the same note/chakra will have a higher tone and larger bowls will have a deeper tone. Please keep in mind that the larger the bowl the longer the vibration and tone will last with each strike or stroke. 3. What note/chakra do I want to order? Each size bowl is offered in 7 musical notes. Each note is associated with a chakra. If you are wanting a higher tone it is better to go with a higher note (A-Crown, B-Third Eye, G-Throat ) or a deeper tone (E-Solar Plexus, D-Sacral, C-Root). F is located in the middle of the musical notes and is assocaited with the heart chakra. 4. How many bowls do you want to order? If you are ordering more than one bowl it is a good idea to get different size bowls. The bowls can easily stack inside of each other for easier transport. A variety of sizes will also produce a greater range of sounds.

What are the health benefits of a crystal singing bowl?

Playing or listening to crystal singing bowls - Promotes mental and phyiscal relaxation - Enhances mood - Diminishes stress and anxiety - Reduces blood pressures, tension and chronic pain - Decreases insomnia and fatigue - Deepens meditation

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