Kalini Wave - The Meaning Behind the Name

What's in a name?

A name can shapes our first impression about someone. Like naming my daughter so many years ago, I wanted my company's name to have meaning. I also wanted it to be simple and straightforward. I offer Sound Healing Therapies, so V Wave (Vibrational Wave) was easy to pronounce and was straight to the point. Sound is vibration and the wave; well it goes a little deeper than just physics. Yes, sounds occur in the form of waves, but like the meaning of my daughter's name Kaia (from the Sea in Hawaiian), I am drawn to all things water. I love the ocean and sea. I love the sound, smell and expansive view. There is something calming and renewing about how the air seems to pass straight through you, clearing out all worries in a single breeze.

When I registered my company name with the Office of the Secretary of State in Texas I was declined, another company had a similar name. Needing another name, I searched for weeks online to find the perfect fit. When I found something I liked, I also found many companies with the same or similar name. After increasing frustration and a looming self-imposed deadline, I finally decided to hell with it, I would create my own name!

Since I wanted my company name to have meaning, I decided I would use my daughter as inspiration. I used letters from three out of four of her names (she has a first, middle and two last names). I took KA from her first, L from her middle and INI from one of her last names. I liked the way it looked and sounded and more importantly it was a combination of her.

Out of curiosity, I looked up the word online to see if it even existed. It turns out I didn't actually make up a word, but serendipitously I chose a word that was perfectly in tune with my new company. Kalini, in both Greek and Danish, means pure. So combining Kalini with my already existing Wave, I have a name that means pure wave. What better name to describe a company who's mission it is to help people heal through sound than a pure, calming, renewing wave.


Tune In, Not Out

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