Open Heart Meditation Series - 1

Self Love

This is the first meditation in the Kalini Wave Open Heart Meditation Series. This series will help you to live in the world with gratitude and wonder instead of fear.

I was once asked how I would define love. A word so frequently used is not so easily put into a simple box. As a society we tend to classify love: self-love, romantic-love, familial-love, friendly-love. But at its very foundation, isn't love all the same? How would you define love?

After searching for a universal definition, I came across the idea of Love being the absence of fear. We don't usually associate love with fear, but if we take a step back and look, so much love for ourselves and others is hampered by fear...fear of rejection, fear of judgement, fear of loss, fear of not being respected, fear of emotional pain, the list goes on. We don't allow ourselves to be fully open and present to that which we call love. It is a perceived love woven by fear.

When not influenced by fear, we are open and accepting, compassionate and understanding. By filling up ourselves with unconditional love and expanding that love to the outside world, we can change how we feel and live in the world, while simultaneously changing the world around us.