What color are you painting your world?

The world around you and the world around me are surprisingly two different worlds. We may have similar lifestyles or interests, but your personal thoughts, emotions and beliefs color the world you see and experience. Some of your beliefs resulted from direct experience, while others were instilled in you from a young age. Have you ever stopped to question where some of your thoughts originated? Were they something YOU experienced to be true, something you read, something you heard, or something you just “knew”? Sometimes we think we KNOW something because it is a common fact, an accepted truth. And yes, at some time, for someone, it was THEIR truth. But like I said in the beginning, your truth and someone else’s truth are not necessarily the same...since their experiences and thoughts have painted their truth a different color.

But science proves a lot of things to be ultimately true, right? Well, sort of. Science has also proven itself wrong countless times. Check out this cool article from Forbes entitled “Scientific proof is a myth”.

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective not the truth” - Marcus Aurelius. Then how do we know what is true? The definition of true is “in accordance with fact or reality” and since fact can possibly be an opinion and we are starting to understand that we make our own reality, then doesn’t that mean we are in control of our own truths?

Children color their worlds with rainbows. Anything is possible and what takes shape in their imaginations bursts out into their world. It is no different from us, except for the fact that our colors have been muted and there is no longer any bursting but more of an oozing. What truths do you want to paint your world?

What if you started to see your world as possibility instead of fact? I am not asking you to throw all logic out the window, just to start to infuse a bit of wonder back into your life. You might be surprised what colors you start to find.

Tune In, Not Out

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