Kalini Wave Real Me and Tea Evening Online Group Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation

Online Group Meditation + Conversation

An evening Guided Sound Meditation from the comfort of your own home together with a collection of women can provide not only refuge from the day, but also deep, lasting friendships. This is your time! Time to turn inward for self-reflection.  Time to get out of the daily routine and back into your body. Time to connect to the you behind the tasks and responsibilities, to the real you.

You will be guided on a 30-minute sound meditation with weekly topics requested by you.

After the 30-minute Guided Sound Meditation you will come together on Zoom with your tea (or preferred beverage) to chat and connect with other mothers and women. Sharing aspects of that evening's meditation, your thoughts, your struggles, your accomplishments, or just yourselves. Its a time to nourish your unique soul and a community of other souls.

If you would like to organize Real Me & Tea for a private group of women, please reach out to discuss. If you are interested in joining the Real Me & Tea Community, but the current day or time doesn't fit into your schedule, please reach out so I can look into offering additional days or times. If evening aren't your thing, check out Kalini Wave's Authentic Me & Coffee. It is a Morning Online Group Sound Meditation and Community Connection. I also offer individual sound therapy sessions with a variety of modalities. Check out the rest of the services here.

Real Me & Tea