Sound Healing & Meditation Services

Knowing that reconnecting with who you are requires vulnerability, I have created a safe, trusting space to allow you to open up to an inner honesty and awareness. Each session gives you the permission to slow down, quiet your mind, get out of your head and into your body. The meditative state produced by Sound helps you learn how to listen to the intuitive insights you already possess that get drowned out by the noise of a busy life. Awareness is the first step, belief that change is possible is the next.

Individual Sound Healing Sessions

Our one-on-one connection allows me to help guide and support you toward a deeper understanding of yourself and your internal and external challenges. Children's sessions are also available. Choose from the different sound and energy therapy modalities below: Reiki, Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath Meditation, Biofield Tuning, and Shamanic Drumming Meditation.

Online Live Group Sound Meditations & Community Connections

A 30-minute group guided crystal singing bowl sound bath meditation reconnecting to yourself, followed by 30-minutes connecting with other amazing women over coffee or tea builds strength and support from within yourself and without.

Authentic Me & Coffee Online Live Group Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Thearpy Meditation & Community Connection for Women
Real Me & Tea Online Live Group Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Therapy Meditation & Community Connection for Women