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Knowing that working through personal problems requires vulnerability, I have created a safe, trusting space to allow you to open up to an inner honesty and awareness. Each session gives you the permission to slow down, quiet your mind, get out of your head and into your body. Our one-on-one connection allows me to help guide and support you toward a deeper understanding of yourself and your challenges. The meditative state produced by the Sound therapies helps you learn how to listen to the intuitive insights you already possess that get drowned out by the noise of a busy life. Realizing the true nature of problems provides you with the opportunity to view an issue with a new perspective and see the world with new eyes. Awareness of the problem is the first step, belief that change is possible is the next.

Free Sound Healing Audio Tracks & Guided Meditations

I can't always take time to sit down and meditate or utilize a Sound Therapy when I am feeling stressed, frustrated or fatigued. During these moments I put on music to help me recenter my emotions and energy level. With this need in mind, I have created free audio tracks. Currently, most tracks are of Crystal Singing Bowls, but I hope to add more diverse tracks as well. They can be streamed or downloaded for free. Headphones are recommended. A sample is provided below. Please keep in mind that I am offering this as an additional tool for you to use when needed and that I do not possess the equipment nor the talent for professional audio recordings.


I also know that beginning a meditation practice can be overwhelming and stressful in itself, so I have created free guided meditations. A sample is provided below. I hope to add more to the meditation library in the near future. If you have any specific requests please reach out and let me know. These meditations can be streamed or downloaded for free as well. Headphones are recommended.


All free audio tracks and guided meditations are in the members section of the website. The members section is designed as a community, to connect you with others who may be going through similar challenges. You can ask for advice, share tips and suggestions or share issues you have worked hard to overcome. We are all doing our best to create the lives we want and can't do it alone.


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Kalini Wave Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Healin Therapy Meditation
Kalini Wave Biofield Tuning Sound Healing Therapy
Kalini Wave Shamanic Drumming Sound Healing Therapy Meditation
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